Congratulations on your pregnancy! Are you considering capturing those precious first moments with a newborn photo session? This blog will guide you through the booking process with Jeff and Kari Photography, specializing in posed newborn photography.

When to Schedule Your In-Home Newborn Session

  • Ideal Time: Newborns are sleepiest and most comfortable in the "curly" fetal position between 8-10 days old.
  • Booking Window: Because newborns don't always arrive precisely on their due date, we recommend booking your session during your second trimester (13-26 weeks). However, if you happen to reach out last minute, don't worry, sometimes we have availability open and can squeeze you in.
  • Contact Us: Reach out by email (, text, or call (401-536-2789) to express your interest.

What to Expect After Booking Your In-Home Session

  • We hold your due date: We won't lock in a specific session date until your baby arrives (unless you have a scheduled C-section).
  • Zoom Newborn Styling: A few weeks prior to your due date, we schedule a zoom newborn styling to share out private portfolio. In this zoom call, we go over your colors, props, likes and dislikes for your session. Based on what is discussed during this call, Jeff and Kari will create the workflow and styling for your newborn session. This zoom call lasts approximately 30 minutes.
  • Contact us after birth: Once your little one enters the world, let us know! We'll schedule your session within that ideal 1-2 week window.

My Baby is Here! Can I Still Book?

  • It's not too late! Life happens, and many parents think about newborn photos after birth. Contact us to check for last-minute availability.
  • Even "older" newborns are welcome! We can photograph babies up to 6 weeks old using setups designed for their comfort. Keep in mind that "older" newborns are more alert and awake during their sessions, so we create setups with that in mind.

Ready to Book? Here's How!

  • Fill out our booking form: Let us know your estimated due date or your baby's birthday (if they've arrived).
  • We'll confirm within 24 hours: We'll send over a response, a quote of our newborn sessions for baby only or baby & parent portraits and we'll schedule a call prior to sending an invoice for a $50 retainer fee (applied to your final cost).
  • Preparing for your session: We'll provide tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for you, your family, and your newborn.

Capture those fleeting newborn moments with Jeff and Kari Photography! Contact us today to book your session.

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